HomePagePays by SmartMedia Technologies Review

What is HomePagePays? Make Money doing the things you already do

HomePagePays is a new one-stop all-in-one social media portal for everyone’s online needs.
HPP is a mega-site that rewards members with Smart Points for foing the things that they
already and normally do online. Smart Points will be given for such activities like
online shopping, winning competitions, joining online games, in lucky draws, sweepstakes,
and also referring other members.

HomePagePays also offers the best social and communication solution for members with
one centralised system with which you can use Smart Mail, Smart Chat, Online Social
Profiles, And various other tools for online connectivity with your friends, colleagues,
business partners and social contacts, with more features and functions that rivals
Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

HPP also gives you an opportunity to play games, and earn Real Money instead of just imaginary
points. In HomePagePays, when you win a game tournament, you get more than just bragging rights,
because your account will be credited with cash, as well as your introducer’s account.

HomePagePays is not just for fun and games, because It also has a large repository
of Educational Material, in My University that features tutorial and detailed guides on
everything from Algebra to Zoology. The educational material is universal, and suitable
for pre-schoolers up to University undergraduates in any country.

The HomePagePays University Library, on the other hand has some 2000 notes and text e-books
with syllabus and content for elementary/primary schools students, high/secondary, and all
the way up to university levels.

There’s also The multimedia content that provides tonnes of content for the business
and internet newbie under the Smart Library. IT features many video streams that is
suitable for people who want to enrich their technical knowledge, from beginner to
expert level tutorials.

On top of that, HomePagePays hosts some of the best videos, and TopSites links on the internet
It also has a software repository for all the software you could possibly need. TopSites
include social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, Shopping sites like Amazon and Ebay,
and also info and wiki sites like Wikipedia. It also has a multi-search Engine which uses
popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, Bing, etc.

Best of All, its FREE, and no catch whatsoever.

The Catch is there is no Catch.

HomePagePays, like the name implies is a home page that pays you!. Its the only growing social community in the world that
gives its members a steady and unbeatable incentive for doing what they already do, and normally do on the internet.
Here, FREE members can go on surfing the web, checking their emails, chatting with friends, shop online, play games,
or even do research, but earn Smart Points for every second spent online. No money is required to earn Smart Points

To collect Smart Points, one can…

  • Go to the your Homepagepays.com home page, login, and click on the daily, weekly, monthly prize box.
  • Use any feature within HomePagePays (HPP).
  • While you surf the web via HPP or you have the Browser add-on/extension installed.
  • You introduce a new FREE MEMBER (25 Points)
  • Many Various Bonus points giveaways
  • Play Smart Media Games (also win cash prize)
  • If your referral wins cash prize, you get the same matching amount!


These are just some of the features that are instored in the HomePagePays.com internet Portal (More amazing features to come):

  • Use your smart points for shopping
  • Win smart points by entering competitions
  • Get smart points in sweepstakes
  • Facebook + Skype style social communication tools
  • Anti-Spam Smart Email Service
  • FB Style smart chat
  • Online Education libraries that has everything from Algebra to Zoology
  • Online education for pre-schoolers all the way up to University
  • Top Sites
  • Be Amazon & Ebay Affiliates + Tonnes more!
  • Top Websites and videos all in one place
  • All these for 100% FREEE

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